Real ones, five a-side or Subbuteo ones? – Cassola on PM’s Ta ‘Qali expansion


The Independent MEP candidate Arnold Cassola has asked the Prime Minister to clarify if the Ta ‘Qali expansion really measures up.

While praising the Prime Minister for pledging to expand the park in Ta ‘Qali to the equivalent of 63 football pitches, Cassola questions whether there is enough land to accommodate this.

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He states that with an average football pitch measuring around 7,000 square feet multiplied by 63, there is approximately 441,000 of land.

Cassola questions if the classification of a football pitch is merely a bluster of size rather than measured by accuracy.

‘Are we sure that such amount of new land exists in Ta’ Qali? Is Joseph Muscat refering to 63 real football pitches, five a side ones…. or Subbuteo ones?’