Readers take Minister Bartolo to task

Minister for education Evarist Bartolo got a lesson in accountability on his facebook page on Friday. Bartolo posted what has now become a diurnal date, Bartolo came in from a lot of flak from his followers. The mood was sombre and the message simple: Put up or shut up.

Bartolo wrote: “With all that’s happened and all that we are getting to know, there are several people who are confused, lost, angry, hurt and feeling betrayed. We have a lot and a lot to learn from what has happened. I believe that we can turn over a new leaf of we are honest, humble and keep to the forefront the love of our people and country. There is a lot of good in our people and we can build a better country”

The comments were instantaneous and harshly critical. The usual sychophantic replies were were minimal to almost non-existant. Some called on the minister to ‘grow a pair’, ‘to be honourable’ and ‘He has you all in his pocket’ with clear reference to the Prime Minister.

There were 354 comments at the time this article was published.