Ray-Ban #proudtobelong VALLETTA

Photo: Brian Grech

On Tuesday 28th May, Luxottica Group and Class Optical Ltd. organised the Ray-Ban #proudtobelong VALLETTA event at St James Cavalier during which the eyewear brand’s certified re-seller program and the latest collection were launched at an exciting two-part event full of games, activities, and some fierce looks.

Photo: Brian Grech

Throughout the past months, Ray-Ban has been touring key cities in order to promote the #PROUDTOBELONG campaign. The latter revolves around the human moments that connect us and let us find our sense of belonging whilst also acknowledging the fact that we all have different backgrounds, genders, religions, beliefs, and traditions.

Verena Morhardt, a Business Unit Manager for Luxottica Group’s house brands, spoke to the attendees about the values and objectives behind the humane campaign:

“All of our real-life moments shape our journey and determine who we are and what we belong to. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you belong to as long as you are proud to belong!”

During the day event, Ray-Ban sellers were invited to attend a complete brand immersion course, highlighting customer segmentation and the new collections. Upon completion, the attendees became authorised Ray-Ban retailers.

The highlight throughout the evening was a rooftop party that comprised a t-shirt printing station, a polaroid wall, a smash cage and live music. The presence of influencers, designers, creatives and prominent guests turned the party’s vibe into a truly memorable one.

This content was supplied by Class Optical Limited / Ray-Ban