Raising awareness on parental alienation

Happy Parenting Malta (For Happier Children) is a new pressure group dedicated to raising awareness on parental alienation and promoting equal shared parenting for children of separated couples, otherwise known as co-parenting.

It is currently in the process of registering as a voluntary organisation with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

Parental alienation is a practice where one or both parents going or recently having gone through a bitter separation freely express negative emotions and opinions about the other parent with their child. It ranges from subtle indications of evident dislike and negative mentions of the other parent in front of their child to their outright and willful manipulation by explicitly criticising the other parent and even sometimes including instructions to the child to avoid or scold the targeted parent.

On occasion, it can lead the alienating parent to coach the child as a witness to false accusations and criminal reports. Alienating parents try their best through such tactics, both through the courts and in a personal capacity, to reduce the time the child spends with the targeted parent to a minimum both in terms of quality and quantity in hopes of weakening the other parental bond.

Happy Parenting Malta is hereby bringing to the public’s knowledge Parental Alienation Awareness Day, internationally celebrated on 25 April, in hopes of spreading awareness about this common but still locally unacknowledged phenomenon. Happy Parenting Malta stands firmly behind psychological research, first pioneered by Dr Richard Gardner, linking parental alienation to the emotional abuse of children.

Happy Parenting Malta can be reached by members of the public by email@ happyparentingmalta@gmail.com or through their Facebook page.