Radisson chooses health over profits: Cancels party

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 300-person party has been cancelled, due to it being hosted in the same hotel that led to the last 7 cases of coronavirus in Malta.

On Facebook, the Radisson Blu Resort in St. Julian’s  explained that it has decided to cancel the parties out of an abundance of caution. It said that the parties were to be organised and hosted by third party specialists in the field, and the hotel was the venue for hire.

The Radisson Blu Resort management said that it continues to place the health and safety of guests and staff alike foremost. It added that its continuing to abide stringently to all health protocols, including enhanced cleaning, PPE and other regulations as directed by hotel authorities. It concluded by saying that the protocols have been audited by local authorities, and that everything is in order, but management is erring on the side of caution. Despite this, the hotel remains in operation.

The organisers of Offline WKND – Summer 2020 also said that whoever wants to stay at the hotel anyway for the weekend can do so, with refunds for the events and a discounted rate on the rooms which is to be discussed at check-in. They added that the cancellation was a kick in the face considering all safety measures they put in place, and the fact that it was a 300-person party when other huge events are still taking place.

The event was being advertised to be priced at €195 per person in a double room, so €390 in total. The price included bed and breakfast. The activity was meant to commence today, and conclude on Sunday. Foreign artists were meant to attend.

Today, 6 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Malta after a party was held at the Radisson Blu, termed ‘hotel takeover’. The person found positive yesterday attended last weekend’s party by the name Hotel Takeover. The Times of Malta uncovered this, while the Facebook page Takeover Malta stated that it is in contact with the health authorities in order to assist in any way it could. The organisers explained that the health authorities will be in contact with those they feel need to be tested. The event was organised by G7 events.

The health authorities are advising everyone who attended to get tested, and to call 111 to make the appointment, even if they’re not showing any symptoms.

The Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci, is appealing anew for caution. She called for avoiding mass gatherings, taking precautionary measures, and to instantly call 111 at any indications of symptoms.