Rabat housing estate refurbished in €740,000 project

Clifton Fenech (DOI)

A Rabat housing estate consisting of 16 apartment blocks has been refurbished through a €740,000 government project.

Works included an improvement of the facades, roof maintenance and work on the common parts of each of the 16 blocks, home to some 130 families.

In a visit to the site, Social Accommodation Minister Roderick Galdes insisted that the project tangibly improved the quality of life of the housing estate’s residents, as well as those living in the neighbourhood.

“For too long, social housing has been synonymous with neglect,” Galdes said. “A derelict building not only reflects badly on the families living in it, but also leads to negative effects on people living in the same area.”

He insisted that everyone deserved to live in decent housing.

“Social housing tenants, like any other person in Malta, have every right to live and spend their lives in aesthetically pleasing spaces. This should not be a privilege for the few to enjoy, and no matter what our social and economic background, we deserve a decent life,” the minister said.