Queen gives royal assent to the EU-UK post-Brexit deal

The House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle informed lawmakers that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deal has been granted royal assent by the Queen, PA Media said in a tweet Thursday.

The Queen had given approval to the European Union (future relationship) bill at 12.25am on Thursday morning. Her signature puts the UK-EU agreement into British law, preventing a no-deal Brexit at 11pm on Thursday when the transition period ends.

On Wednesday, British lawmakers voted in favour of legislation implementing the post-Brexit trade deal agreed with the European Union last week. Lawmakers voted 521 to 73 to progress the bill to its final stages in the lower house of parliament. A second vote, due shortly, will confirm its approval by the lower house before it moves to the upper house later on Wednesday.

The Presidents of the European Commission and European Council have signed the UK-EU post-Brexit trade agreement.

Brexit Trade Agreement signed by EU leaders
EU leaders signed UK-EU post-Brexit trade agreement