Queen Elizabeth II gets ‘green screened’

@rockpapercynic / Twitter

As every aspiring filmmaker or photoshopper knows, anyone wearing green is pretty much inviting people to use the garment as a ‘green screen’ and use it to photoshop something more interesting on it.

When Queen Elizabeth II addressed the nation earlier this week, she wore a green dress. Need we say what ensued? It all started out when Twitter user @rockpapercynic tweeted Her Majesty in a cat dress and wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Keep Calm and Corgi On’.

Other people were quick to take up the ‘challenge’. Here she is as a Star Trek officer:

This photoshopper is clearly a Doctor Who fan:

No news yet about what the Queen thinks of these efforts (although one hopes that she had a chuckle at the corgi t-shirt, at least)!