Qala local council calls for revocation of permits linked to mega-development

The area earmarked for the large apartment complex, dubbed Ta' Kassja residences.

The Qala local council is seeking the revocation of permits granted to build a massive apartment complex at the periphery of the village’s built-up area, arguing that the developers presented misleading information on the site.

In a statement, the council said that the two development permits on adjacent plots facing Triq ta’ Kassja covered sites which were partly outside of the development zone. However, it added, they were processed as though they fell entirely within the development zone.

“This could have misled the public and effected the decision that was taken. The council has expressed its concern over this and other factors regarding these permits,” the council said.

The two permits have been submitted in the name of two different people but are effectively part of the same project. Other permits cover other parts of the same project, which is being advertised as Ta’ Kassja Residences.

Speaking to, Qala mayor Paul Buttigieg also called for the authorities to provide local councils with funds which they may use to appeal against development projects they may find objectionable.