“Publish the Egrant Inquiry report” – PM

Egrant Inc. report

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Following the Constitutional Court’s amendment to the decision about the Egrant Inquiry Report, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is requesting its publication in its entirety. He asked the Commissioner of Laws Judge Emeritus Dr Antonio Mizzi to analyse the sentence and suggest ways how the report can be published without creating prejudice to the investigations and to the private details of persons who have no relation to the case.

In a statement issued by the Government, it was outlined that the PM was requesting its publication “as he had declared immediately”.

The Constitutional Court amended the decision of the First Hall of the Civil Court. It concluded that, while the Egrant Inquiry report should not be published in its entirety, a copy should be given only to the Leader of the Opposition, Adrian Delia.

Watch: Court orders that Delia is given a copy of Egrant inquiry report

How did all this come about?

The conclusions of the same Magisterial Inquiry were published on the 22nd of July 2018. It concluded that Egrant did not belong to PM’s wife Michelle Muscat, as had been alleged.

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The Attorney General (AG) had then advised that the full report should not be published so as not to prejudice the ongoing investigations on the facts established by the Magistrate. Furthermore, this was also to avoid revealing private details of persons who are not in public life and/or who have no relation to the case.

However, Delia had insisted that having a copy of the report is within his rights as Leader of the Opposition. He had therefore filed court proceedings against the AG and asked that the report be published in full.

Egrant inquiry: Delia asks AG for full copy

The First Hall of the Civil Court rejected this request on the 14th of May 2019. Delia then appealed the decision, which led to the amendment. Despite the fact that the Government stated that the full report should not be published, the Court actually said that it is not required that the report be published. This means that the report may or may not be published. The Court’s decree ordered that the AG give a copy to Delia, but did not outline that the AG must be the one who publishes the report.

What did Delia do following the ruling?

Following the ruling, Delia, flanked by his lawyers, made his way to the AG’s office in Valletta. Speaking to the journalists gathered outside the AG’s Office, Delia said that the Attorney General is still reading the sentence which was handed down this morning. However, he was informed that he will be invoking his right that this sentence will be executed after two days.

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