Public sector employees should return to work gradually, says For.U.M

For.U.M Unions Maltin expressed its concerns on the government’s decision that workers in the public sector can return to their workplaces as the country is preparing itself to restore normality disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement signed by President Marco Bonnici and General Secretary, Colin Galea, the For.U.M said that it is also concerned that such decision was taken without discussions with the unions representing employees in different working sectors.

It was also noted that at no point measures to safeguard the employees’ health and to assure that all workplaces implement the necessary measures against the transmission of coronavirus, were discussed not even at a managerial level.

The For.U.M Unions Maltin appealed to all relevant authorities to discuss the matter and to allow employees to return to their workplace gradually and to leave the option to use teleworking.

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