Public health emergency declared

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The health authorities have declared a public health emergency through a legal notice on Wednesday.

The first case of coronavirus has been registered on 7 March and subsequently the number went up to 202 confirmed cases. So far, only two individuals have fully recovered.

The public health emergency was declared following the global outbreak of coronavirus which has also affected Malta.

Through the Public Health Act, the Superintendent of Public Health is empowered to declare a public health emergency. The declaration should include the nature of the emergency and the the area to which it applies.

The legal notice was published on 1 April however it came into effect on 7 March.

After declaring a public health emergency

The Superintendent of Public Health is empowered to take the necessary measures they may consider necessary in order to reduce, remove or eliminate the threat.

The Superintendent may:

  • Segregate or isolate any person in any area;
  • evacuate any persons from any area;
  • prevent access to any area;
  • control the movement of any vehicle;
  • order that any person undergo a medical examination;
  • order that any substance or object be seized, destroyed or disposed of as he may direct;
  • order such other action be taken as he may consider appropriate.

Any person who does not comply with any direction by the Superintendent shall be guilty of an offence against the Public Health Act.