Public consultation launched on the driving and licencing of e-Kickscooters

DOI/ Rueben Piscopo

A public consultation on regulating the driving and licencing of e-Kickscooters has been launched by the Transport Ministry. Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg.

Minister Borg explained that these electric scooters has grown in popularity across the world but its regulation has so far been non-existent.

Therefore, it was important to strike a balance between this alternative means of transport and other road and pavement users, he added.

‘We are working to achieve an important balance, a balance that prioritises first and foremost the safety of those using this means of transport as well as those sharing the space with them, especially more vulnerable people such as pedestrians. This means of transport seems to already be very popular with youths and we felt that we should regulate it and create an opportunity for another small and sustainable means of transport to form part of the transport culture shift we are working hard to achieve.’

The consultation therefore, looks at, ‘locations where such scooters can be driven, who can drive them, registration and licences as well as speed limits to be used. A new enforcement regime is also going to be introduced to address as much as possible, road safety.’

The public is invited to offer their opinions on this through the following public consultation.