Public allowed to physically attend Planning Commission meeting

Representees and the members of the public can opt to physically attend the Planning Commission’s meeting at the Planning Authority’s (PA) boardroom in Floriana next Wednesday, the PA has confirmed.

The Planning Commission will be discussing and deciding on around 35 different planning applications, including planning application PA04037/19, a controversial application to build a 62-unit block of apartments in St Julian’s.

If anyone wishes to receive an email with a link to join the meeting virtually, they are requested to search for the case through the PA website and use the “Request to join Council/Board/Commission WebMeeting” link.

In a statement, the PA announced that any member of the public who chooses to physically attend the public meeting will have to adhere to COVID measures.

Lately, the Planning Commission was carrying out trial hybrid board hearings, where proceedings were conducted through video conferencing. 

Back in late March, the PA had announced its decision to restart public hearings for Planning Commission meetings. This decision was met negatively by the Planning Ombudsman for defying government sanctions against any form of organised meetings while COVID-19 sanctions are in place.