Psychological support offered to renal patients – LifeCycle

Lifecycle Foundation announced that it would be providing psychological assistance to patients at the Renal Unit Support Health Hub (R.U.S.H.). The service will be provided after the Foundation collaborated with the Malta Chamber of Psychologists. LifeCycle Malta will be providing vouchers to patients so that they could attend therapy sessions for free.

This project will be at the centre of the Foundation’s work in the upcoming year.

The Foundation’s founder Alan Curry said that although patients receive medical care in hospital, they would also need psycholopsgical assistance as well as assistance from other professionals including nutritionists. Such assistance would not be only limited to patients but will be extended to the rest of the family members thus offering a holistic service.

Dr Shirley Cefai who is the chairperson of LifeCycle Malta said that R.U.S.H. aims to provide a comprehensive support system to renal patients. The patients also receive information on the disease, information about dietary requirements, specialised lectures among other services.