Psychiatrist to testify on mental state of man charged with raping girl


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A psychiatrist treating a man who is awaiting trial for the rape of a girl is being to testify on the claims the accused made.

Robert Rodenas, 49, of Swieqi, was charged with raping a young girl in 2017 while she was in his care. The man had met the victim through Facebook and the mother had decided that he was fit enough to take care of her.

In his application before the Criminal Court, the accused claimed to be suffering from depression and anxiety and asked that a court expert is appointed to examine the mental state of the accused, both currently as well as at the time he gave his statements to the police.

The Attorney General had objected to the request, arguing that no medical expert would be able to establish a person’s psychiatric condition three years after the fact.

Madame Justice Consuelo Scerri Herrera noted that the accused had claimed that two recordings and all his statements were inadmissible as thy had been taken before he consulted with a lawyer and without a lawyer being present during interrogation.

The psychiatrist currently treating the man will be summoned to testify as well as other psychiatrists who have treated the man in the past.

The court reserved the right to make further pronouncements on the request at a later stage of the proceedings.