Proud of my ‘businessman’ label – Muscat

Joseph Muscat

Prime Minister and Labour Leader Joseph Muscat repeated, on Sunday morning, that in the next budget, Government is planning another income tax refund.

During a One Radio interview, Muscat said that to implement certain measures one has to have the necessary funds and economic growth. He also said that he considers his “businessman” label as a compliment and that he goes overseas to strengthen the economic ties between Malta and foreign nations.


Joseph Muscat said that following the Egrant inquiry the Opposition rallied behind former leader Simon Busuttil, whom Muscat described as “the new leader”.  He said that Adrian Delia and the entire party backed the Egrant lie and that Simon Busuttil knew that the story was a fabrication.


During 2008 and 2013 there was an 18,000 increase in the rate of people falling at risk of poverty.  He said that his Government succeeded in reducing this amount by 16,000.