“Protection of whistleblowers is crucial” – Francis Zammit Dimech


Nationalist MEP Francis Zammit Dimech has presented, to the Committee responsible for Media in the European Parliament, a series of proposals to strengthen whistleblower legislation.

A press release detailed that Zammit Dimech has called on Member States to ensure that persons requiring protection as whistleblowers will be entitled to the right of appeal before Courts of Justice whenever such persons are not granted protection by the relevant authorities. The proposal has also received backing by other political groups.

Zammit Dimech stressed that under no circumstances should the authority tasked to protect and recognise the whistleblower have a potential conflict of interest which might interfere with grating such status or protection. “Protection of whistleblowers is all about protecting EU citizens, it is also crucial for investigative journalism, hence its importance and my commitment to strengthen this legislation” he added. “We cannot have a situation where protection is granted depending on who blows the whistle and what one says”.

Zammit Dimech also proposed that potential whistleblowers should seek, wherever possible, to inform reporting agencies, so as to remain anonymous. However, should they feel that this is inadequate, they should be free to choose to inform the public directly.

The vote in the Committee responsible for media is now expected to take place on 10th October.