Proposals to mitigate impact of Covid-19 on professions put forward

    Proposals have been put forward aimed at assisting regulated professions within the context of the proposed national strategy.

    In a joint statement various bodies said that a meeting was held between Economy Minister Silvio Schembri and the representatives of the Chamber of Advocates, the Dental Association of Malta, the Kamra tal-Periti, the Kunsill Notarili ta’ Malta and the Malta Institute of Accountants, where they presented Schembri with a framework for a National Strategy for economic measures to be considered by the Government in addressing the severe economic and social difficulties that were brought about by the coronavirus outbreak in Malta.

    “These proposals are cross-sectorial and aim to ensure an equitable distribution of government aid across the board. The initiative is motivated by our belief that these professions form an integral part of the community we live and practice in,” the joint statement reads.

    The set of measures is aimed at assisting the professions within the context of the proposed national strategy. The bodies said that these proposals were substantiated by the results of surveys run by each of the professional bodies over the past two weeks which evidence that whilst the full extent of the impact going forward was not yet known, the immediate impact had been severe.

    “If the situation prolongs, it will place self-employed professionals under significant pressure to meet their payment obligations and will place firms under sever pressure with under-utilized human resources to meet their significant bills.”

    The bodies said that they took into account that there were other sectors which had been more heavily impacted. “Any economic measures of state intervention are to prioritise those sectors. Indeed we concurred with the government’s strategy to do so,” they said, however warning that professions were not immune in such an environment.

    According to the joint statement, Minister Schembri has agreed in principle. Discussions are scheduled to continue in the coming weeks.