Progressives and liberals defend life – Bishop Galea-Curmi

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    Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

    There is nothing more progressive or liberal than the protection of human life, Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi said on Sunday. He noted that those unborn children whose life was terminated while still in the womb are not only a loss for those who believe in Christ, but also a loss for all those who are capable of appreciating human life.

    During Mass organised by LifeNetwork Foundation in remembrance of victims of abortion around the world, Bishop Galea-Curmi said that Catholics weep with those who have decided to terminate their pregnancy. He remarked that there are mothers who were pressured into terminating a life because they did not find the necessary support. Whatever the reason, we pray that they will find someone who supports them through the process of forgiveness and healing, he said.

    Bishop Galea-Curmi stated that there was nothing more progressive or liberal than the protection of human life. He explained that working for progress means that one makes headway in life and ensures that no one is left behind.

    He remarked that one is progressive when ensuring that even as a few cells, life is allowed to develop. Those who want to terminate human life at this stage are not progressive but regressive, he added.

    The Auxiliary Bishop said that a liberal person would allow a human life the liberty to develop without obstructing or terminating life. Being a liberal also means cherishing one’s own freedom and the freedom of others.

    Referring to Malta, Bishop Galea-Curmi said that the strength of our society is measured by the progress of the most vulnerable. He urged everyone to consistently continue working for the protection of life, from conception until natural death and at every stage in life. This, he said, includes those persons who are begging for help whilst on the verge of drowning.

    Bishop Galea-Curmi prayed for healthcare workers to continue serving their mission with courage, and for those mothers who are presently in a difficult situation. He prayed that they would find the help they need to protect life without ever becoming victims of an abusive system.