Watch: 38 new COVID-19 cases; Pregnant women amongst the positive cases

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci addressed the daily briefing on the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta.

On Thursday the Ministry for Health announced that a second patient has died of coronavirus. The victim is a 79-year-old male. The man was being treated at Karen Grech Hospital. He tested positive for coronavirus on the 6th of April.

Highlights from today’s press conference

  • 38 new cases confirmed; Total – 337
  • 1018 swab tests in the last 24 hrs
  • Pregnant woman and two children amongst the new cases
  • 25 of the new cases are women and 13 male

Coronavirus Malta 09.04.20

On Wednesday late in the evening, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced the first COVID-19 death. A woman 92-year-old from Gozo who had tested positive to COVID-19. The woman passed away at the Gozo General Hospital.

First COVID-19 death in Malta
Watch: Gozitan, 92, dies of COVID-19
13:11 Thank you for following.
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13:11 The press conference and this live blog end here.
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13:08 She has reiterated her appeal to the public to avoid social contact and that vulnerable people are most at risk as we have seen in the 1st 2 cases of death caused by the coronavirus.

"We have no vaccine available against this virus" – said Prof. Gauci

She said that it is important to avoid social gatherings especially during this weekend as we will celebrating Easter.
Amy Borg
13:04 The Superintendent of Public Health said that none of the new cases were from the Hal Far open centre and that no new cases were reported in homes for the elderly.
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13:02 She said that all patients at Karin Grech Hospital are all in good health.
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12:58 Prof. Gauci has also explained that since we have local transmission in the community, Mater Dei Hospital has issued new visiting hours. This as a measure to avoid the spread of the virus.
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12:55 Prof. Gauci said that the shopping we do from grocers and supermarkets should be wiped with soap to avoid any possible contamination.
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12:55 She said that the area where the employee worked at Playmobil has been disinfected
Amy Borg
12:54 Prof. Gauci confirmed that an employee at Playmobil has tested positive to coronavirus
Amy Borg
12:52 In Malta and Gozo, we have now 337 COVID-19 cases
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12:51 Prof. Gauci said that all cases were locally transmitted
Amy Borg
12:42 The new cases:

Maltese woman aged 41
Male aged 40
Woman aged 17
Woman aged 27
Foreigner (Male) 28 yrs old
Female aged 29
4 other Maltese women aged; 20, 68, 45 and 56
2 Males aged 39 and 31
4-year-old child
Maltese woman aged 39
19-year-old male who works at SCAN
Maltese women aged 22, 68, 38 (pregnant woman), 32 (Healthcare worker), 30 (pregnant woman), 67, 69, 51 (Carer), 50, 44, 48, 45, 39, 42, 75
Male – Gozitan
Maltese men aged 27, 42, 32
2 Foreigners
A boy has also tested positive
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12:40 25 of the new cases are women- one pregnant and 13 males.
Amy Borg
12:39 Total swab tests in the last 24 hours: 1018

New cases confirmed; 38
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12:38 Prof. Gauci mentioned the case of the 2nd death of COVID-19 as announced earlier today.
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12:36 The Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci has entered the room
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12:35 The press conference was expected to commence at 12:30 pm
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12:30 On Wednesday Prof. Gauci announced that;

• 6 new cases were confirmed
• Total of 299 coronavirus cases
• One-month-old baby amongst the new cases announced
• One of the new cases was imported
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