Professionals unite in Covid-19 crisis; MFPA urges govt to address their concerns

Photo by: Unsplash

The Malta Federation of Professional Associations (MFPA) is appealing to the relevant authorities to provide all personal protective equipment to healthcare professionals and others who are constantly exposed to a higher risk of contracting coronavirus.

For this reason, the MFPA is urging government to meet professional organisations separately to understand their respective problems.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Federation said that the presidents of the member organisations of the MFPA are meeting regularly to discuss the issues that their members are facing.

The MFPA represents 17 professional associations with almost 10,000 members.

The Malta Federation of Professional Association mentioned how some professionals have stopped their practice and this has led to a loss in their disposable income. Also, the professionals are not eligible to any support through the packages announced by government so far, said the federation.

Professionals coping with COVID-19:

  • Veterinarians, engineers and radiographers are trying to work in different teams to reduce the risk that all of them get sick at the same time
  • The Dental Association of Malta took the initiative to collate a series of guidelines to ensure safe practice as much as possible
  • The Chamber of Psychologists is providing ongoing training on conducting online therapy
  • The Association of Speech-Language Pathologists encouraged its members to carry out telepractice and provided information
  • The Malta Association of Physiotherapists is striving to support the vulnerable groups within its workforce such as assuring that those who are pregnant or suffer from chronic conditions assist their clients via remote consultations
  • Members of the Malta Association of the Counselling Profession and the Malta Association of Social Workers are also encouraging and supporting their members to continue intervening by exploring and using different mediums to keep in contact with vulnerable people
  • The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is in constant contact with government authorities to ensure timely and extended pharmaceutical services to patients whilst safeguarding pharmacists

The MFPA explained that the COVID-19 cashflow repercussions are going to impact numerous professionals, at different levels, including auditors and accountants, who service businesses.  In view of this, The Malta Institute of Accountants said there are several options that the government can adopt to support businesses, including practitioners, who are facing or will face liquidity related problems. 

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