Professional associations warn against relaunching economy prematurely

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Federation of Professional Associations warned against seeking to relaunch the economy prematurely, emphasising the need for adequate systems to monitor the economic activities being reintroduced.

The MFPA, which groups together 17 professional organisations, said that it understood the extent of sacrifices that have been made, noting that many professionals who have not received any financial aid experienced first-hand the economic implications of the pandemic. But it also emphasised that the pandemic also showed that it was impossible to separate health and economic issues.

“MFPA believes that in order to have a strong economy we need to have a healthy workforce. Therefore, now that the country has moved to a second phase in the handling of the crisis, the competent authorities must ensure that initiatives to relaunch the economy are not introduced prematurely and do not counteract the successful public health initiatives implemented to date,” the federation said.

The federation stressed the importance of heeding the advice of healthcare professionals.

“As professional associations, it is our primary duty to speak in the interest of the general public, and hence to present expertise for the good of society. MFPA calls on the authorities to strengthen their dialogue with such organisations, so that decisions taken will be in the best interest of the general public,” it said.

The MFPA said that it was important for the authorities to send one unequivocal strong messages, stating that efforts should concentrate on educating the public on the importance and awareness of what protection and staying safe entailed at this moment.

“The federation hopes that a good and balanced compromise between economic and health issues can be reached, and put into effect, so that we can come out of this pandemic as strong as we can,” it concluded.

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