Watch: Total deaths from Covid-19 now reach 201

First 55 vaccinations will be given Sunday – Prof. Gauci

Miguela Xuereb
COVID-19 – Media Briefing – 23-12-2020

COVID-19 – Media Briefing – 23-12-2020

Posted by saħħa on Wednesday, December 23, 2020
  • 5 more individuals succumb to Covid-19
  • 132 recoveries in the last hours
  • Sunday 55 frontliners will be the first to take the vaccine
  • 155 patients hospitalized – 10 are in ITU
  • Celebrations with people from other households should be avoided

Another 5 deaths have been registered in the last 24 hours. The total number of individuals who died of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic now rises to 201, said the Superintendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci. The five people who died were aged between 66 and 85.

Prof Gauci was addressing the weekly press update on the  Covid-19 situation.

Statistics published by the Department show that there were 132 recoveries during the last twenty-four hours while there were eighty-two new COVID-19 cases. The number of swab tests were 2,609.

She said that most of the people who were infected with COVID-19 recovered in their own homes; the number of those treated in hospitat amounted to just over ten per cent of the total.

There are now 10 persons undergoing treatment at the ITU of Mater Dei hospital; while 7  are in the Infectious Diseases Unit at the same hospital with 31 in other sections of Mater Dei.

80 are being treated in The Good Samaritan facility in St Paul’s Bay is treating 80 others, while ten patients are at the Sir Paul Boffa hospital in Floriana; nine at St Thomas hospital; five at Mount Carmel mental health hospital; four in the Gozo general hospital and one at Karen Grech Hospital.

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Nation’s Christmas gift

During the press conference Prof. Gauci, described the arrival of the vaccine on Saturday as the nation’s ‘Christmas gift’. The vaccination programme will start in earnest on Sunday.

The first 55 vaccinations will be for the front liners which are highly exposed. They mainly come from the ITU, Infectious Diseases Unit and COVID ward.

Prof. Gauci said that now the United Kingdom has been moved to the ‘Red List’. She confirmed that the only persons that will be able to enter Malta from the UK are Maltese nationals and residents. Still PCR tests are mandatory and quarantine obligatory upon arrival.

The Superintendent for Public Health said that people that suffer from allergies from injectables should seek medical advice from their family doctor. Same applies for individuals undergoing HIV treatment and chemotherapy.

Gauci said that the vaccine is still not recommended for people under 16 years of age and neither to women that are breastfeeding or in pregnancy.

She insisted on the keeping of social distancing,  the importance of keeping hygiene standards and wearing masks. Gathering from different households anywhere is not recommended. Prof. Gauci said that if we persist of meeting with people from outside our household, we may spread the virus.

“This helps us reduce the number of transmissions” Gauci affirmed. Noting that the number of active cases went down.

Covid variant is stronger but vaccine still viable – expert
Covid variant is stronger but vaccine still viable – expert