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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

COVID-19 – Press Briefing – 22-05-2020

COVID-19 – Press Briefing – 22-05-2020

Posted by Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate on Friday, May 22, 2020

Prof. Charmaine Gauci gave the latest details on the latest coronavirus updates.

On Friday 1 new case of coronavirus was detected after the health authorities carried out 1,560 swab test.

As of today restaurants, hairdressers, barbershops, nail and beauty salons can re-open after having closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

13:12 The press conference ends here. Thank you for following this blog.
Amy Borg
13:11 She has also appealed to the public to act responsibly and adhere to the measures at all times.
Amy Borg
13:09 Regarding the Hal Far open centre, Prof. Gauci said that the situation is under control.
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12:57 Regarding the re-opening of restaurants, Prof. Gauci explained that the relaxation of measures is being done based on the risk assessment conducted by the health authorities.

She also said that food safety is important.

Those certified to be compliant will be issued with a COVID-19 compliance sticker.
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12:55 The Superintendent for Public Health said that the precautions for the vulnerable are still in place and therefore they need to avoid contact with people.
Amy Borg
12:51 Regarding the enhanced testing Prof. Gauci said that these will continue to be carried out as it helps them monitor the developing situation.
Amy Borg
12:48 Prof. Gauci said that it is important to note that authorities are aware that the virus is still present within the community and therefore the measures implemented have been lifted within this context.
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12:40 The 16 cases registered yesterday and today:

5 cases had symptoms:

A Maltese woman aged 85
Maltese woman aged 70
56-year-old Maltese female
27-year-old Maltese female residing in Gozo
23-year-old Maltese male working in Gozo

7 cases through contact tracing:

2 males aged 59 and 38 – Had no symptoms
Maltese male aged 54 who works at Mater Dei but is not a healthcare worker.
Maltese male aged 72
Maltese female aged 69
Male from the Philippines aged 33 – He works as a carer in an old people's home
Female aged 30 from India

4 cases which had no symptoms:

Maltese female aged 71- Went o Mater Dei for a routine check-up
Maltese male aged 56
Male aged 59 – French national
Female from the Philippines aged 55 – works as a carer at Karin Grech Hospital
Amy Borg
12:36 The number of new recoveries is of one individual.

Total recoveries: 469

The number of active cases now stands at 125
Amy Borg
12:35 The total number of swab tests in the last 24hrs is 1560.
Amy Borg
12:29 The Ministry of Health has posted on social media the infographic to announced that in the last 24 hours only 1 new case was detected.
Amy Borg
12:28 Yesterday 15 cases of coronavirus were detected after the health authorities carried out 1,358 swab tests and three more individuals have recovered.
Amy Borg
12:27 The press conference is expected to start at 12:30 pm
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12:18 Good afternoon.

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