Process vitiated and interconnector energy cheaper – Delia

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia challenged the Prime Minister for a clear statement as a reaction to the findings of a damning report tabled in parliament by the National Audit Office which found that the cost of electricity through the interconnecter was much cheaper than that of the power station built by the incoming Labour Administration.

During Wednesday’s Parliamentary sitting, Delia referred to these findings, quoting the report saying that the price per megawatt hour was €50.64 and therefore cheaper than that charged by Electrogas. He said that this translated into millions stolen out of the pockets of consumers and pointed out that the NAO report said that the bidding process for the construction of the power station was vitiated from the start. Delia said that the NAO report pointed out that the bidders were not treated in the same way.

In his reply, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the costs cannot be compared since the period the NAO studied, the power station was using the open cycle type of energy generation and so the cost of energy production would be different. He said that in spite of the fact that the report had just been published and time was needed to wade through the 500 page report,  the conlusions of the report were that, in spite of everything, the end result would have produced the same bid selection.