“Procedures were followed as passenger tests positive to COVID-19” – MIA


The Malta International Airport (MIA) has issued a statement to clear published information by certain media houses regarding the passenger who tested positive for coronavirus on the 16th of March 2020.

The MIA said that fumigation of the room where the said passenger was held was ordered immediately, with the actual fumigation process being carried out shortly after this room was vacated. MIA also said that other areas indicated by the public health authorities were fumigated.

In a press statement, the Malta International Airport said that it is also taking other measures to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission such as the installation of a significant number of hand sanitizers, the introduction of a terminal cleaning schedule, the introduction of heightened queue management and internal awareness-raising campaigns.

MIA said that at this stage its priority remains the wellbeing of its employees and in close collaboration with the health authorities they will continue to do so to safeguard employees and their families too.

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