Probable PL victory in St Paul’s Bay – sources

Miguela Xuereb

First results for the local council elections are expected imminently as the predictions for the PN seem increasingly dire. Observers in the political millieu are predicting a defeat ta the polls, even heavier than that suffered in the EP elections.

The results for the Valletta an the St Paul’s Bay Local Councils are of particular interest since the difference between the parties is particularly tenuous. Early indications from the counting hall point towards a Labour Victory in St Paul’s Bay. If the EP election trend persists and is mirrored in the local council elections, the net result could well be that the PN loses the majority representation in other localities. A pro-PL trend could also mean a PL win in Mosta, San Ġwann and Siggiewi.’s sources noted that the  turnout for the Local Council election was 60.46%, substantially lower than the 72% who voted in the EP elections. The same sources said that it could be that a number of Nationalist voters decided to vote in the EP election to support Roberta Metsola and David Casa who were under constant attack from the PL and were not top of mind of the PN leadership. These same voters then decided to boycott the Local Council elections.

Local Council elections: Sorting and scanning in process

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