Private Sector regroups in favour of recycling

Empty water bottles
Many empty water bottles. Shallow DOF.

There was a time when the young, and sometimes the not so young, scavenged the beaches for refundable bottles. Recently, four national organisations have come together with the principal aim of giving constructive feedback to Government on its proposed Beverage Container Refund System (BCRS) and recommending a viable alternative solution to the scheme set out in the consultation document.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, GRTU, Green Pak Coop and Green MT this week signed a Memorandum of Understanding. They been actively working towards finding workable solutions to meet the new targets for the recovery and recycling of beverage containers.  The four entities firmly believe that industry and the private sector can manage the system with more efficiency and cost-effectiveness whilst Government should limit itself solely to a regulatory role along with effective enforcement.

On their part, the role of the four entities in this task force shall be to design a new private sector-led, not for profit, System based on current best practices in the EU, and which will provide the best service to their respective client/membership-base as well as to the consumer.

To this end, in the coming days, the signatories shall collaborate to actively engage with all relevant stakeholders ranging from manufacturers and bottlers of beverages to waste operators/intermediaries and collectors.