Prison director rejects Degiorgio’s “inhuman and degrading treatment” allegations

Prison director Alex Dalli has rejected the allegations made by George Degiorgio (iċ-Ċiniż), one of the men who stands accused with the assassination of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Degiorgio filed a judicial letter alleging inhuman and degrading treatment saying that he was not given the treatment he needs for a painful shoulder.

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However in a written reply filed by the lawyer, Dalli rejected the allegations made by Degiorgio and argued that the prison’s administration had done its best to assist the accused and dismissed the claims as “unfounded”.

Dalli’s letter came after a second letter by Degiorgio in which he alleged that he was not given the necessary treatment. The allegations have been described as “frivolous, vexatious and defamatory” by the prison director.

The prison director explained that back in December, Degiorgio was accompanied to a private hospital in Żabbar were he was provided with an MRI. The prison administration had also brought in a consultant from Mater Dei to see to Degiorgio. According to Dalli, Degiorgio was administered an injection and was ordered a daily treatment. The consultant had also recommended physiotherapy sessions for Degiorgio which started later on in January.

According to Dalli, Degiorgio had refused the sessions requesting a second medical opinion. The Chairperson of the Orthopedic Department was made aware of the situation, however he informed that Degiorgio had already been examined by a specialist and had refused the given treatment which was deemed final.