Pricing guidelines of fixed-rate Malta Government Stock issued

Photo by: Unsplash

The Accountant General announced the indicative pricing guidelines expressed in terms of an indicative spread over the corresponding euro mid-swap rate as follows:

Stock DescriptionSpread over Mid-Swap (MS)
0.50% MGS 2025 (II) F.I.MS +51bps area
0.80% MGS 2027 (III) F.I.MS +60bps area
1.00% MGS 2031 (II) F.I.MS +81bps area

Each competitive bid price must be made at one definite clean price, to be submitted for Euro100 nominal, in multiples of one Euro cent (€0.01) and quoted to two (2) decimal places.

This announcement is issued pursuant to paragraph 7 of the Offering Circular published in the Government Gazette of the 15th September 2020 under Government Notice No. 1063.