President set to meet PN MPs in coming days

Updated 01:44 PM

President George Vella is expected to meet Nationalist Party MPs in the coming hours to discuss possible appointment of a new Leader of the Opposition after party leader Adrian Delia lost a confidence vote held by the PN’s parliamentary group, according to sources who spoke to is informed that the President is expected to meet with MPs individually, as he had done last December with Labour MPs when then-PM Joseph Muscat faced near-daily anti-government protests. The same sources said that Vella reached out informally to a member of the PN MP group to set the wheels in motion.

The meetings are expected to take place on Thursday and Friday, with the aim of helping Vella take the best decision in accordance with the powers granted to him by the Constitution of Malta.

19 out of the 30 members of the PN parliamentary group – made up of 28 MPs and 2 MEPs – voted against Delia, with just 11 choosing to support him. The motion was presented by Chris Said and seconded by Therese Comodini Cachia.

The two MPs issued a statement on behalf of the 19 on Wednesday evening, giving Delia the opportunity to step down on his own accord and put the country and party’s interests first.