Watch: President Vella receives Covid-19 jab

Il-President ta' Malta, l-E.T. George Vella, jieħu l-vaċċin għall-COVID-19.

Il-President ta' Malta, l-E.T. George Vella, jieħu l-vaċċin għall-COVID-19.

Posted by saħħa on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

President George Vella received the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech jab on Tuesday afternoon.

Before receiving the vaccine in a live-streamed event on the Health Ministry’s Facebook page – Saħħa, President Vella urged the public to take the vaccine when they are called to do so.

Earlier during the day, he announced that he was contacted by the health authorities to take the vaccine on Tuesday afternoon. Speaking during an interview on the daily TVM programme TVMAM, Vella said that “without any doubt” he will take the vaccine.

During the interview, President Vella maintained that the only way out of the pandemic is by having enough individuals vaccinated against the virus and that there are no more mutations.

“While hope is always there, one needs to assume that all things remain equal without any changes,” President Vella said as he made reference to the emergence of the Covid-19 variant which is causing havoc in the United Kingdom.

He underlined that 2021 would be a good year if there are no mutations and enough people vaccinated against the virus.

The president also addressed conspiracy theories circulating on social media saying that these do not make sense. He remarked that he trusts the vaccine which was developed by the scientists in well known labs, adding that the investment placed on its development led to such early results.

Furthermore, the vaccine was given the green light by the European watchdog before it was placed on the market, he said.

The first batches of Covid-19 vaccines arrived on Boxing Day, a day before the EU wide vaccination programme. An Infectious Diseases Unit nurse was the first to receive one of the two doses.

Up to Sunday, 1,400 individuals received the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against coronavirus.

The number of people vaccinated is expected to increase 2,000 a week in the coming days, and then increase again to 5,000 vaccines weekly. The plan is to have the majority of the nation vaccinated by summer.

On Monday, the Medical Association of Malta said 3,733 vaccinations per day are required to achieve herd immunity.

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Video: Facebook / Saħħa