Post COVID-19 businesses will change how they operate – Malta Chamber

"We must prepare for and seize the opportunities ahead”

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The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has launched a thematic group aimed at creating various scenarios of how the post-pandemic landscape will look and develop strategic initiatives which will need to be undertaken in the short, medium and long terms, said in a statement the Malta Chamber.

The group is led by Mr Joshua Zammit and draws on the experience and expertise of leading CEOs, entrepreneurs and academics.

“It is most clear that the Maltese and indeed the Global Economy which will emerge post the pandemic will look, feel and operate differently from we have assumed until today,” said David Xuereb, President of the Malta Chamber.

Xuereb said that there is no doubt that the economic, social and environmental landscapes will change permanently and these will have an effect on how all entities, will carry out their business in the future.

He continued to explain that the ‘new normal’ will no doubt bring with it new challenges, but it will also offer new opportunities that will change everything we know.

“In a post-pandemic scenario, business organisations will be expected to engage in different practices and change the manner in which they operate. Characteristics of organisations such as resilience will definitely come to the forefront when considering future investment while other characteristics which today are considered essential might need to be sacrificed” said the President of the Malta Chamber.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry said that anyone wishing to contribute to the work of the group is encouraged to send an email on

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