Pope Francis thankful to Imqabba youth for their message

Photo ©Vatican Media

“Pope Francis very much appreciated the encouraging video message which youths from Imqabba sent him to thank him for his work to protect minors from abuse.” This was Archbishop Charles Scicluna’s comment to Newsbook.com.mt after he was asked about a photo of him showing the video to the Pope.

The Archbishop said that it was Dun Anton D’Amato who took the initiative for a number of young members of the Imqabba Parish Youth Centre to send a message to the Pope thanking him for his work.

Mgr. Scicluna showed the video to the Pope during the Bishops’ Meeting at the Vatican called so that the Church can continue its fight against sexual abuse. As shown in the photo, the Pope watched the short video attentively. As soon as the short video was up, the Pope showed his happiness and thanked the Archbishop and the young people from Imqabba.

“No abuse should ever be covered up” – Pope Francis

During the Homily in mass at the Vatican which closed the four-day-seminar on the protection of minors, Pope Francis said that those people in the clergy who abuse children are “tools of Satan”.