Pollution reduced by 50% in the COVID period – ERA

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Air pollution specialist Nadine Mercieca from ERA said that if there is more education on the impact of air pollution of life in general we will make the change out of our own free will. Speaking at the Newsbook Business Breakfast, she said that it is the people who should pressure the politicians to create cleaner modes of traffic. Referring to the ERA mission statement, Ms Mercieca said that achieving a better quality of life has to involve all persons.

Turning to the results of the air quality monitors, Ms Mercieca demonstrated the peaks in pollution which coincide with peak traffic times. The real – time monitoring network is backed up by fixed diffusion tubes which are more spread out in the Maltese roads. Ms Mercieca too said that achievements in the COVID period can be used as a foundation for better quality of air. Data, she said indicated that the decline in traffic during the Covid period registered a decline of 50% of pollution. She said that when one looks at the data across Malta atmospheric dust such as Sahara dust was also part of the remaining 50% particularly in the Inner Harbour Area. Pollution hotspots such as Triq Sant’ Anna, Rue D’Argens and Hompesch Road all registered dramatic declines in pollution. 

Ms Mercieca concluded that people need to be shown the benefits of making the effort to cleaner transport.