POLL: Should the govt order a lockdown?

Monique Agius

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The public is faced with two positions. The Malta Media Association, the GWU, the UĦM – Voice of the Workers, Forum Unions Maltin and a number of professional organisations together with many medical professionals at Mater Dei, who spoke with Newsbook, are urging the Government to order a lockdown.

On the other hand Prime Minister Abela is refusing to do so. The Prime Minister is saying that the advice he is receiving from those responsible from the public health section within the Health Ministry are advising against a lockdown.

Abela during a press conference on Saturday upped the ante. He described the proposal for lockdown as populist and dangerous. He said that a lockdown is like placing everyone under house arrest.

People in public health are saying that they will only advise a lockdown when there are cases of infection within the community, for example a Maltese infected by other Maltese. The infections there are at the moment have been imported. Those in favour of lockdown are saying that a lockdown will help prevent or minimise such infections.

What do you think?