Jaime Lannister grows a hand

While the epic final season of Game Of Thrones has fans frantically proposing endgames, the editors of the impressive series have got egg on their face yet again. Jaime Lanister seems to have grown back a hand.

Without going into spoilers for those who have as yet not seen the episode, the awesome cinematic effects of this final season have been undermined by a second great booby. After the Starbucks cup plainly visible on the medieval banqueting table in Episode 4, now, Jaime Lannister’s hand has miraculously re-grown.

Die-hard fans of the long-running fantasy drama will remember Jamie, famed for his elaborate sword-play, relearning the art of combat after it was brutally cut at the wrist during its third season. This was a watershed moment for the character played by Nikolai Coster-Waldau, as he lost his hand to save Brienne of Tarth. This action humanised a character which, up to that point had been a rather two-dimensional ‘baddie’. The gold hand which replaced his severed hand gave the character depth and eventually helped in his transition into the ‘goodies’.  However, the cumbersome gold replacement was nowhere in sight as he embraced sister Cersei one last time.

Instead, the hand we last saw being separated from his right arm in 2013 appeared to be in frame ….and as for the rest, our lips are sealed.