Politicians shouldn’t buy votes with taxpayer money – CSN

Civil Society Network is encouraging everyone to donate the one-time government bonus to charity as an act of protest.

In a press statement, Civil Society Network said that while the €15 or €35 cheque might be useful on a short-term to some people, they will have no impact on the standard of living of Maltese families in the long run.

Government announced that households will receive a one-time additional bonus. A cheque of €35 will be sent to all the families and a €15 cheque will be received by those living alone, including pensioners.

On Thursday, Minister Scicluna explained how from this measure every family will benefit. He explained that this additional bonus will help compensate for a recent increase in the price of certain products.

Civil Society Network said that it would have been more fruitful had the Government invested the sum of the cheques to eradicate the prevalent inequalities that plague society and improve the standard of living generally.