Polish cancer children at the Vatican

Pope Francis meeting children cancer patients

A group of Polish children patients at the Oncolocy Clinic of Wroclaw visited the Pope late last week.

On the occassion, before inviting them to a small treat, the Pontiff dedicated a tenderly greeting to them and those taking care of them.

He said that life is difficult for everyone and especially to sick persons as they need to get better, improve their health whenever possible or live with the illness, which is not easy.

The Pontiff appealed to the sick cildren not to be discouraged as they have many friends and family who help them go ahead in life. Pope Francis insisted that with such help every difficulty can be overcome.  The ideal is to win and go ahead in life.

The other reason why one should not be discouraged is the knwoledge that to each and everyone of us God gave us a Guardian Angel. This is our life companion. He is there to help us in life and help us win the difficult moments we go through.  Everyone go through some difficult patches in life.

We should get used to speak to our Guardian Angel and he will definetly protect us, help us move forward in life and  inspire us to win over the difficulties we face. He joked with the children telling them that they were so important that there was need for two interpreters to enable the Pope to speak to them and they speak to him in return.

The Pope also had a word of gratitude to those who were accompanying the sick children, among them parents, doctors, carers and volunteers. Pope Francis thanked them for their care and help that will help the children grow.

After receiving the Holy Father’s blessing the children, the carers and the Pope prayed together the Hail Mary in the Polish language.