Police to take action over illegally dumped construction waste at Mtaħleb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The police will take action over illegally dumped construction waste at Mtaħleb. Newsbook.com.mt has recently published footage showing a truck belonging to a leading developer and contractor dumping construction waste in one of Malta’s most pristine areas on 13 April.

The truck belongs to Bonnici Brothers and carries the number plate BBG003. The Rabat Police Station was informed about the incident and the footage was shown to the authorities.

Fines to be issued

The Police told Newsbook.com.mt that the case was being investigated after a report was filed. During their investigation, the police found construction waste mixed with soil. The owner of the field and those caught dumping the construction waste illegally have been questioned by the police. The Planning Authority was also contacted by the Police to verify whether works could take place in the field and whether the necessary permits were in place. The owner of the field in question was liable to a daily fine until the illegally dumped waste is cleared.

The Environment and Resource Authority has slapped the owner with a stop notice and a fine on illegal dumping. The owner has fifteen days before they are liable to a €15 fine per day for 50 days. If the illegality persists, the fine will increase to €35 per day.

Sources speaking to this newsroom said that the illegal dumping of construction waste has stopped.

Illegal dumping of construction waste at Ta’ Qali

Newsbook.com.mt had reported that on November 16, 2018 five large trucks, a bulldozer and the car of one of the foremen of the company in question were dumping construction waste at Ta’ Qali near the abandoned factory of the Southern Concrete Ltd. The operation was aborted after a police car stopped one of the trucks at around 11pm near the Aviation Museum.

Journalists from Newsbook.com.mt had witnessed everything and reported all in great detail. The police later denied that an inspector in the police car had spoken to one of the truck drivers, a contact which our journalists witnessed.