Watch: Police question Jonathan Ferris for three hours

Jonathan Ferris, former inspector and former employee of the Government Agency against Money Laundering (FIAU) entered the police depot in Floriana at noon precisely and left at about 2.50 pm, almost three hours later.

Ferris’s lawyer said that Ferris was asked about the testimony that he had given regarding the Egrant magisterial inquiry and he had repeated what he had already said. Ferris does not yet know whether or not he will be called by the Police again.

Ferris did not give comments to journalists as he entered.

Police threatened to arrest Ferris

After months of investigations, the Police had threatened to arrest Ferris if he did not go to Police HQ today for interrogation about the Egrant inquiry.

One of Ferris’s lawyers, Dr Jason Azzopardi, told that his client requested to go for the interrogation on Saturday but Police rejected this request and informed him that if he did not go today he would be arrested.

The main conclusions which came out of the Egrant inquiry are only 3% of the whole report. These were published by the AG a few minutes before the Prime Minister addressed a press conference on the matter.

Witch hunt by Police

In the meantime, ex-Leader of the Opposition Simon Busuttll tweeted that the same Police who failed to act on FIAU reports that caught Mizzi and Schembri in money laundering crimes, are now devoting all their energy on a witch-hunt against those who fight for truth and justice. He called it political persecution.

Police did not act on the FIAU reports that exposed Mizzi and Schembri

In a statement, #OccupyJustice’s said that despite their repeated pleas, the Malta Police did not act on the FIAU reports that exposed Konrad Mizzi’s and Keith Schembri’s money laundering crimes. However, the group said, they seem to be very keen to chase after people like Jonathan Ferris. #OccupyJustice stated that it condemns this political persecution vehemently.

Video: Christoph Schwaiger