Police overtime: 5 plead not guilty

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A retired superintendent, two inspectors, and two sergeants pleaded not guilty of committing fraud by claiming thousands of euros in extra duty.

The case was heard in Court today. The Police Corps detailed that it received a letter from someone who termed themselves a whistleblower. The letter detailed how several police officers were allegedly engaged in defrauding the Corps.

This particular case concerns Infrastructure Malta issuing money for police overtime to cover the construction works related to the Marsa flyover. However, the accused allegedly did not work the overtime they should have. The accused have returned more than €47,000 back to the Corps.

The prosecution has stated that a Sergeant is the person behind the entire operation, given that he the roster coordinator. The case will resume in September.

On 8th June, the Police Corps announced that it will be formally charging 32 police officers for overtime abuse. The officers will be heard in Court in the upcoming days.