Police on patrol bring smiles to those stuck inside


Police officers are currently busy enforcing mandatory quarantine regulations and ensuring that no public gatherings of over than three individuals who do not live in the same residence take place. Officers working with the health authorities are enforcing the measures aimed to curb the spread of the coronavirus among the community.

A photo shared by the Police on their official Facebook page shed light onto the softer side of the officers as they reminded everyone that it is a collective effort to flatten the curve and ensure that our public health system is not overwhelmed.

“During these times the general public tend to associate our constant patrols with enforcement. However, our main aim is to make our presence seen and felt within the community especially for the many elderly and vulnerable persons who are currently advised to stay inside and are thankfully adhering to the regulations,” the caption of the photo of the smiling officer reads.

On Tuesday, during a joint press conference the health authorities announced that the highest number of cases which tested positive overnight. 52 cases were recorded – 48 in Malta and four in Gozo, bringing the total to 293 since the first case was reported a month ago.

During the press briefing, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that they were expecting such numbers last week.

Fearne appealed to the employers to implement teleworking in order to reduce the possibility of coronavirus contact. He also reiterated that people who do not need to go out are encouraged to stay at home to stay safe.

A new helpline 1770 has been launched on Tuesday for those who are battling mental health issues. The helpline will operate for 24hrs a day.

Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci said that there was no clear pattern in the new cases which were identified overnight however the spike in numbers could be a result of an increase in testing.

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