Police barriers removed; boards still there

The Police barriers around the Great Siege Monument were removed on Friday morning. Photos show that the barriers are now gone however the wooden boards remain firmly in place. The Great Siege Monument, was the site where anti-corruption activists have gathered monthly to demand justice for the assassinated investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. On Thursday early afternoon wooden boards were put around the Great Siege Monument ahead of “restoration works”The elusive restoration method statement has to yet reach this newsroom after repeated requests were made to the relevant authorities.

In two days, the vigil marking the 11th month since the assassination Caruana Galizia is scheduled to take place in Great Siege square. The vigil is organised by Occupy Justice and Manuel Delia.

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici was quizzed on the legal basis behind the barriers cordoning off the perimeter of the monument. In his reply the Minister had told this newsroom that this was a site where restoration work would take place on the said monument. Adding that he thinks that the people should be left in peace to work in peace.

Sources that spoke to Newsbook.com.mt said that the wooden boards were going up while entities were still placing wreaths at the foot of the monument on 8 September. The Police had gone on site to see what was going on. According to the sources, the Police seemed to be uninformed about such a decision.