Updated: PN’s Callus resigns from Lands Authority Board

Adds Government reaction

Opposition MP Ryan Callus, early Tuesday morning, resigned his post on the Board of the Lands Authority because according to the MP “the authority has been snatched by those close to the government and in his eyes is no longer independent”. This resignation follows the one of his fellow MP Marthese Portelli who, for similar reasons resigned from the deciding board of the Planning Authority. Portelli’s reasons were cited as “the Planning Authority was taken over by forces and people who are completely ignoring the common good”

Marthese Portelli resigns from Planning Authority Board

A statement by the Partit Nazzjonalista said that the resignation was made in full agreement with the leader of the opposition. The PN had been highly critical of the operations in the Lands Authority and the Planning Authority. The PN said that the reform of the Lands Authority left the Prime Minister in complete control of the authority and Callus had insisted that the Board should not have politicians on board.

Government reacts

The government reacted to Callus’ resignation. Deflecting the criticism, it said that the main issue here was the lack of credibility of the opposition. The government said that while Callus had said that parties should not have representatives on boards, he had justified his tenure on the Lands Board on the basis of transparency.