PN will keep pushing for answers – Delia

Dr Adrian Delia said that Partit Nazzjonalista was, is and will remain vociferous, expressing opinions loudly and forcefully. He said this during a television program Ras imb’Ras with Mario Xuereb on TVM.

Delia reminded people that he had requested the full copy of the inquiry report on Egrant as given to the Prime Minister. He said that the Attorney General Dr Peter Grech made a big mistake when he handed the full report as well as the publications of the inquiry conclusions to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Justice, as well as the lawyer of the Prime Minister.

He added that the PN shall keeping pressing on for answers regarding several issues.

With regards to immigration in Malta, Delia said that the borders for the boats saving the refugees at sea are not clear and that breached laws should be addressed. He continued to say that the reality of the immigration crisis contrasts greatly with the amount of foreigners expected to work in Malta in a few years’ time.

Delia said that he has a good relationship with Muscat but that he is duty-bound to call out wrong doings for what they are and acknowledge what is done right.

When asked whether he has approached Simon Busuttil to contest in the European Parliament elections, Delia answered that he had not.