PN urges government to show caution and plan ahead to save winter trade

The Nationalist Party appealed to the government to exercise caution and to plan ahead, arguing that only by doing so could it save winter trade.

In a statement, PN MPs Edwin Vassallo and Kristy Debono emphasised that the livelihood of many self-employed was at stake if business was ruined during winter, including the crucial Christmas period.

“The government needs to be organised, and to show that it knows what it wants and where it should be heading,” they said. “But with such confusion on behalf of the Labour government, which cancels by night what it announces by day, all we can have is day-to-day management for our businesses.”

Consequently, the two MPs added, the self-employed were plagued by uncertainty, as was the general public.

They said that the government should assume responsibility and be consistent, and that “Prime Minister Robert Abela should no longer contradict what is said by Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne and the Superintendent of Public Health.”

“The self-employed deserve better: a long-term plan and a government that has the courage to follow its own directions. What is least needed in these uncertain days is populist politics, where the quest for votes is prioritised over the responsibility a serious government should show,” they concluded.