PN treasurer in voting controversy; PN reacts

Dar Centrali

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Barely had the PN Regional committee sent a strongly worded letter to the PN Leadership when a further controversy erupted. Sources close to the Nationalist Party confirmed to  that it was not only David Stellini who voted when he was not entitled to, but also David Camilleri, the treasurer of the Nationalist Part. Seeded into the post from outside the Executive Committee, Camilleri had only an observer status in the Executive Committee. Notwithstanding this statutory rule, a list supplied by the secretary general indicated David Camilleri as entitled to vote.

The PN refused to give a straight answer to a straight question. Does David Camilleri, the PN treasurer have a vote? Did he vote last Saturday? Instead of a straight yes or no the PN sent the following diatribe:

“The vote taken on Saturday by the PN executive committee was transparent, democratic and legitimate. There was a very high turnout, and absenteeism was low bar for a few amongst whom some were abroad.

“The election for the co-option of a new member of parliament was triggered by David Stellini’s resignation from parliament who was in turn elected following a casual election for Marthese Portelli’s seat who was elected on the 9th and 13th districts. David Stellini publicly stated that he will resign his parliamentary seat but that he will not be immediately resigning his role as President of the Administrative Council.

“Jean Pierre Debono a candidate for the 7th district and Kevin Cutajar, a candidate for the 13th district, immediately expressed interest to fill the post vacated in parliament by David Stellini although others would have been eligible too. Both contestants were given, in advance, the list of eligible voters together with their contact details. None of the candidates objected about any of the names on the list.

“During the executive committee meeting Dr Adrian Delia repeatedly invited any other interested parties to present their nomination.

“During the executive committee meeting an extensive debate ensued about the pros and cons of either co-option proposal and all the members expressing their wish to intervene were invited to do so freely. David Stellini, as a member, was there throughout and no other member objected, at any time, to his presence and interventions.

“As is constant practice all executive committee members with a right to vote were called out loudly one by one, by the President of the Executive Committee and President of the Electoral Commission. Subsequently they were given the document to be cast. David Stellini was called out by name and once again nobody objected.

“Following the carrying out of a reconciliation and counting process the result of the election was announced by the President of the Executive Committee and President of the electoral Commission. The result was carried, and nobody objected. The result is thus valid, and nobody should raise any doubts about it.

“Once again the Nationalist Party would like to congratulate Jean Pierre Debono for his new role whilst wholeheartedly thanking Kevin Cutajar for his interest to serve party and country.”