Delia ‘should not ignore message’ – Said

Updated 09:57 PM

Posted by on Saturday, August 1, 2020

Nationalist Party MP Chris Said said that embattled party leader Adrian should heed the message delivered by the party’s general council, which opted to call for a fresh leadership election against his wishes.

At a press conference, Said – who had proposed the confidence vote Adrian Delia lost decisively among his parliamentary group last month – insisted that Delia himself had turned the general council’s vote into a confidence vote in himself, having also lost a confidence vote among the party’s executive committee in the interim.

Delia should thus heed the message sent to him by the party’s highest organ, the MP maintained.

The PN leader has confirmed his intention to contest the party’s leadership, but noted that were he in his position, he would have acted in the wake of the parliamentary group vote.

Said had contested the leadership election which Delia won in 2017, losing by a relatively small margin in a run-off vote, but emphasised that he had no interest in contesting this time round.

“If I had the slightest interest in running, I would not have been here,” he maintained.

The MP emphasised that it was not easy for the party’s structures to vote against their own leader, but insisted that the need for action was urgent.

“If we did not take any steps, we would have reached a point where the party would not exist anymore,” he warned.